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* Make Your Own Beats - The Dynamic Blueprints *

Guaranteed To Take Your Beat Making Hip Hop Production Dreams To The Next Level Quickly and Cost Effectively

"Watch How I Teach My 8 Year Old Son Exceptional Hip Hop Production In Less THAN 30 MINUTES!!!!"

Make Your Own Beats 1

"It's one thing to hear great Hip Hop production, but's it's completely something else to be able to actually create it yourself!"

Produce your own Hip Hop production like the professionals. Watch as this Def Jam/Motown/Universal/Jive/Koch affiliate producer and training expert walks you through step-by-step style, production and beat making techniques used in Hip Hop music today.


Whether you’re an industry veteran or new to the world of Hip Hop production or Beat making, you can now develope your own new styles and techniques easier then ever before with these down-to-earth comprehensive tutorial videos. Hip Hop in Session videos will help you discover what you need to create that new Hip Hop sound heard in todays music. You can now benefit by learning how to make your own beats today! Learn in literally minutes what it will take average as well as known beat making hip hop producer years to learn, understand and develope. Surpass the "Pay Your Dues" era by saving precious time, energy and money. Benefit by watching hip hop beats get created from start to finish, no more guessing how producers create that glamorous, blingy, trendy popular industry sound, it's all done for you, right here! And soon you will be kicking out your own professional beats in no time! Down below, I get into deep detail about the benefits, but for now I'll be very brief.

Benefit by training your ear to hear what the industry looks for, and develope your own unique hip hop production style from taking in these Industry techniques and fundamentals. Watch as your own production changes after the first few sessions. And it will change "GUARANTEED!!!" Impress your family, friends and potential music buyers with your new found knowledge and industry standard production, they will soon be asking you how did you learn to make your own professional sounding beats? Or simply benefit yourself and realize your own dreams! The lessons are very detailed, fun and easy to follow, and you can use your own beat making software or equipment to utilize these techniques. Learn from a careered professional music producer and a multi-genre production pioneer *R&B, *Hip Hop, *East Coast, *West Coast, *Midwest, *Dirty South, *Gangsta and *Underground styles and techniques used everyday in the hip hop production scene.

Make your own beats and sound like a professional hip hop producer


* Hip Hop Producer Special Deal Offer *

Bundled in this special producers deal is 11 volumes, Hip Hop In Session Volumes 1 - 11 a total of over 100 tutorials. Thats more than 50 hours of groundbreaking industry standard Hip Hop and R&B music production. This is not all!! You also get bundled with your package over 1000 music industry 1 shot wav drum samples. Thats a savings of more than $200.00. Bundled with each volume "FREE". So not only do you benefit from the true and proven knowledge of modern hip hop production and beat making techniques but you will be also laced with the drum samples to make your own production dream a reality. Now don't get it twisted, these drum samples are Industry selected, hand picked, and celebrity referenced sounds, customized and tweaked to please even the most critical ear. So now YOUR production can blend right in with the "Pioneers Of Hip Hop Production". And these high quality wav samples can be used in any Akai Series sampler, or your own favorite beat making software programs via, Protools, Cubase, Reason, Logic and many more.


make your own beat with hip hop production software



* Hip Hop Producers Advantage *

Never has anyone exploited how to make beats and the secrets styles and techniques used in todays music until now. Years of "Paying Dues" and "Trial and Error" has been bundled down to a few hours of fun and comprehensive information. Forget about reading those lesson books that only teach you how to use the hardware or software and leave you hanging dry for actual beat making techniques. How about getting your hands on the [very exact sounds] the industry professionals use? Ever wanted to know what goes on deep into the mind of a professional hip hop producer as they uncover the flavor used to make millions of dollars? See, it's common in nature for a music producer to not reveal his, own "sounds", secrets, and thoughts behind his production. This is because of the time, money, energy, effort, research, set backs and harsh painful let downs he may have experienced in his or her "due paying" stages. Once this beat making knowledge and insight is attained, others are naturally expected to pay their own dues. Until Now!

These sessions will change all of that!


You will not be trained by a fly-by-night here today gone tommorow professional hip hop producer, and my tutorial "Babyboy In Session" will show you exactly what I mean. This could be the most valuable investments you've made in your entire musical career! And this is the only place you can get it. Taking in this up-to-date, trendy and insightful information to turbo boost your production skills is a no brainer, wouldn't you agree?

If you are producing for kicks or making beats as a hobbie, then this product is an expense, but if this is your career goal, this product is a "GAURANTEED INVESTMENT!"

Because once this knowledge is attained, it is their with you for the rest of your life! "That's Priceless"

These tutorials will not only help a newbie with absolutely no skills raise his game to a pro level, but it will also promote further growth to the already established production artist who tunes in on specific skills and techniques of various genres to widen his or her already prestine and established sound.

Notice one clients testimony:

Hey Tee,

I want to immensely thank you for doing the tutorial 019 Basic Vocal mixing from Volume 2.  I'm on volume 6 right now. But every now and then  this is one of the tutorials I review every now and then.


Because the way you explained it. It has opened up my eyes and ears to the way I approach and hear sounds. It's like you lazered out something that was preventing me from achieving a more polished and defined sound that I could hear in my minds ear but previously could not even attempt to come close to producing.


You teach us how to hear sounds in dimensions...that alone is the crack code to a safe of sound design!!!


I apply your mixing vocals technique to all instrumentation in my production. And since I have been looking and studying through your tutorials I am becoming more confident and satisfied with controlling the outcome of my productions.


Everyday as I approach my studio...I feel more and more confident in knowing how and what sounds I want to place in a particular track. If I can’t find the sounds. I have more of a good idea of how to make it myself.


I just felt so inspired to email you today. Because people who have listened to my tracks has said to me (after I got your course) that my production has changed.


Tee...I swear man your the best!!!...MAY God bless you for teaching all of us hungry producers your wealth of knowledge. I hope I can be privileged to meet you one day.




Imagine being able to have a sound that makes you stand out! When you turn off your radio and put in your music, the quality and professional clarity does not change. The song change but the professional feel stays the same.

See, all my life I've done research on what sounds good and why, the most important things to production tracks like drum choices, kick sounds, snare sounds, what synth to use, what synth not to use, or should you even use a synth sound at all! I've studied with the best of engineers in the whole music industry and learned valuable tips from prolific hip hop producers, and the bottom line is to compete with these dudes, you have to know what they know, know what they are doing, and ultimately do what they are doing, but with you, your soul, your heart and your own mind put into it! BOTTOM LINE! While we were thinking that you need a big mixing console and all this MPC3000 and hardware audio gear, wasting time learning all this new gear we just spent 12,000 dollars on, and buying everything from Reason, Cubase, Pro-Tools, Sonar, etc. the real pro's are laughing right to the bank, leaving the unknowing homies in the streets. By the time the average Joe learn all there is to know about the production on a serious level, the whole music and production genre has changed! Along with the software and hardware.

The only one's who makes it in the industry are those who were raised in the industry, {well some} via, cousin, uncle, very close friend, you know the "who you know scenerio". But it's more so because these kids are there when the uncles are producing, they are there when they're cousins are mixing Dre's album, there dads were in the industry, they had natural positions, it was not only destined, but it is easier to give my friend or nephew or cousin the production deal because he's family "AND" he understands and know whats going on. Music wise, marketing wise, sound wise, and feel wise. But when you know what they know, you're shots at success is now contrast with the leading competition.

Imagine folks calling on you for your talents and professional sound? Talent seems to draw folks close, people will be drawn close to you because you will have something that's of benefit to them. Professional Quality Sound! With this demand, your road can lead to many places and the value of "You" changes with valued knowledge. With the many new technologies and the many avenues of music available today, being an up and coming talented professional producer will certainly pay off.

Since I've developed this site, I personally know of several folks rising to the occasion and reaping the benefits of their new found talents, one of my homies got a deal working for "Redman" on his new album, Rakim got a whiff of what was going an and opt for a piece of our production and one rumor has it that one of our elite members landed a $50,000 dollar production deal! There is even an army of HHIS soildiers in the top ranking competition of Hip Hop producers at the multiplatinum record selling Rockwilders worldwide producers battle website Rocbattle.com

So after you develope your skills with the HHIS Fam base, you can go to Rocbattle.com and test your new found skills, rize to the top of the charts and realize your dreams through the exposure. Now Im gonna be rational with you, Im not promising you success, your success depends soley on your own merits, perseverance and determination, but with the sessions and knowledge your endevours will greatly increase. Now Im not selling you on fake testimonial or stories, you can go to my forums and search for the success stories on your own and hear it from the horses mouth.

Take the years out of developement trial and error, learn quickly, commonly used:

Progressions, Bass Licks, Synth Notes, Proven Drum Patterns and More...


* Hip Hop Production Session Features *

The information covered in these interactive compact disc or DVD is extremely beneficial and useful especially for the newbie beat makers and hip hop producers, but many vets has left positive feedback on the availabilty of these lessons. True hip hop pioneers has literally commended the efforts and courage of our pursuit of prospect awareness. We cover in these sessions East Coast, West Coast, South, MidWest, vocal recording, adjusting levels, mixing, producing good vocals for hip hop production, remixing, utilizing celebrity vocals to up your production status, using the vocoder in Reason, making fake guitar synth sounds sound realistic, tapping on the new ethnic "china sound", "Arabian sound", "Latin Mexican sound", Grimey Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop, R&B Hip Hop, R&B, listening to music with a professional ear, paying attention to the sounds used in Hip Hop, how to do the Kayne West chimpunk effect, and use it in our own production, syncing up loops with your digital music, Dre vibes, Gettin Crunk vibes, Blaze vibes, and what goes on in the minds of professional Hip Hop producers as the creative process is in effect and much much more.

Click this radio to listen to more Hip Hop production you will learn:

Make your own beats to be played on the radio


As you see, you have nothing to loose and so much to gain.





  1. Cubase Quick Start
  2. Reason Quick Start
  3. Rhythm and Blues Beat Making Techniques
  4. East Coast Hip Hop Beat Making Techniques
  5. West Coast Beat Making Techniques
  6. Hotlanta Beat Making Techniques
  7. Mixing Tricks and Effects Techniques
  8. Celebrity Replay Beat Making Techniques
  9. Dirty South Beat Making Techniques
  10. Techno Beat Making Techniques
  11. House Beat Making Techniques



  1. Using Rogers Vocoder In Reason 2.5
  2. Kayne West Pitching Techniques
  3. Case Studies: Replaying Dr. Dre's Hit In Cubase
  4. Importance of Choosing The Right Microphone
  5. Stacking Vocals
  6. Importance of Vocal Harmony
  7. Equalizing Vocals
  8. Case Studies: Remixing Jay Z
  9. Case Studies: Game Replay Using Reason 2.5
  10. Gettin Crunk [Dirty South]
  11. Rhythm and Gangsta using Reason 2.5



  1. Hip Hopped R&B Advanced
  2. Hip Hop Ethnics Advanced
  3. Gangsta Ethnics Advanced
  4. Just Blazen' em Advanced
  5. Spring Break Advanced
  6. Getting Spaced Out Advanced
  7. West Coast Advanced
  8. Jay-Z New Remix Advanced



  1. Let's Chill Down [Rhythm and Blues] Advanced
  2. Grimey West Coast Flavors Advanced
  3. Set Tripping Advanced
  4. For Laraza Advanced
  5. Low Down Derty South Advanced
  6. Red Light Party Advanced
  7. 4 Bar Theory Advanced
  8. Writers Block
  9. Severe Writers Block



  1. One On One With Newbies
  2. Bring Drama
  3. 5 Minutes Of Crunk
  4. Criticism
  5. Shake It Off
  6. Mo Dirty Derty
  7. All That Jazz
  8. Fruity Loops Studio Bonus
  9. The Origin




Bundled are the very drums samples used in the tutorials and the music industry today! Many companys will sell you the drum samples, but we bundle them free with this offer.

Over 1200 32 Bit, Mastered Drum Samples


The Beat Making Tutorials

You can view some of the demo videos here. Feel free to browse and check em out. But keep in mind the best is on disc, so if there is something in particular you are looking for, more than likely it will be on disc, so enjoy your movies. My Hip Hop In Session volume 1 is more less geared towards the newbie hip hop producers and Volume 2 - 5 is much more intuitive and informative. The videos are personal and very down to earth for your learning comforts, and even funny at times to take the edge off of strenuous learning. Sit back and enjoy, and only realize that it's much much more from where this comes from. Simply mouseover and click a button to view a video.


A brand new absolutely free but "PRICELESS" tutorial for my Beginners entitled:


This tutorial goes into deep detail about all the things you need to know when breaking into the production game utilizing a modest budget! This is a must watch for all! Please enjoy.


Just by watching this tutorial!




So get the deal while it's good!!!!




Over 1200 Industry Standard Samples & Hours and Hours of Hip Hop Production and Beat Making Videos

This DVD set is the same as the original kit HHIS Vol. 1-5 except it's all on 1 DVD for your convenience and Mac compatible. All of the action is put into this one disk. Because our DVD holds more information a few more bonus tutorials was added for your training purposes. This special made Mac disk has a few more bonus tutorials and samples.
1 Mac Version DVD: 45 + Tutorials
Ships: Within 24 hours
Plus Shipping

Educate your self with this extensive video training Compact Disc Set Volumes 1-5. Packed with hundreds of drum samples, tips and hours of videos. Nowhere else can you actually get detailed video production on Todays Hip Hop production techniques, styles and secrets. So be wise and invest in your beat making career NOW!

5 Compact Discs: 40 + Tutorials
Ships: Within 24 hours
Plus Shipping


This DVD set is the same as the original kit HHIS Vol. 1-5 except it's all on 1 DVD for your convenience. All of the action is put into this one disk. Because our DVD holds more information a few more bonus tutorials was added for your training purposes. And if this simply isn't enough, try our Ultimate Bundle Kit below and simply collect them all.
1 DVD: 40 + Tutorials
Ships: Within 24 hours
Plus Shipping
Enjoy the training as "Tee" take you on a journey through more than 14 hours of non stop production tips and techniques! You can now take advantage of this special offer, Hip Hop In Session Volume 1-7, all the lessons, all the drum samples and all the fun for only $159.99!
7 Compact Discs: 60 + Tutorials
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Plus Shipping
Almost all of the knowledge, drum samples, beat making flavors and fun all bundled up into one package for your convenience. Now you can reference your tutorials anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Pick our volumes 1-9 for a lost cost way to develope your Hip Hop and R&B production beat making skills today!
2 DVDs: 80 + Tutorials
Ships: Within 24 hours
Plus Shipping
We finally got 1 - 11! The Ultimate Compact Discs Bundle Kit! The whole collection covers from the bare basics to the very rare and detailed advance tips and techniques. Bundled with this special offer, you can get the entire collection for a reasonable price. This course is like going to Hip Hop production college! All for only!
11 Compact Discs: 100 Tutorials
Ships: Within 24 hours
Plus Shipping
Heres our DVD version, All the same education packed into 2 comvenient DVDS. The Ultimate Bundle Kit! The whole collection covers from the bare basics to the very rare and detailed advance tips and techniques. Bundled with this special offer, you can get the entire collection for a reasonable price.
2 DVDs: 100 Tutorials
Ships: Within 24 hours
Plus Shipping

A true lifetime investment.

Your order will be shipped immediately!


Volumes 1 - 11



If you are someone who's serious about learning to make your own beats and Hip Hop Production,

"This could be one of your most profitable investments of All Time"

* Knowledge is the Key To Success *


We will ship ANYWHERE!

And we will except any payment: Money Order, Check, Cashiers Check, eCheck, Mastercard, Visa, etc.

Here is 2 free extra "FULL" bonus videos, click the link to view, you'll certainly enjoy!


"Babyboy In Session"

Click Pic To Watch Free Video

Babyboy making his own beats


Now have a Blessed and Productive day!

"See Ya When I See Ya"


Here is a New Bonus Video, Enjoy!

"Thugsta's Revenge "

Click Pic To Watch "BONUS" Free Video

Make Your Own Beats Hip Hop Production Producer




Hip Hop In Session Inc. (c) 2004 All Rights Reserved.






...I'm about to reveal some of the forbidden secrets to producing true, authentic Hip Hop, Rap and R&B Production.

The very first thing I want to get clear is that I don't sell music software or phoney dreams and my hip hop production videos will prove this, although you will need music software or hardware, I have something for you that has far more greater value than any software program, musical drum machine or keyboard you could buy in your entire life.

What is this special thing?.........................KNOWLEDGE! KNOWLEDGE! KNOWLEDGE!

You might ask:

  • What can this specific knowledge do for you?
  • How can this knowledge help you in the world of music production?
  • Are there any immediate benefits from having this knowledge?
  • Does this knowledge give me an advantage?
  • What is knowledge like this worth?

We will address each question with an answer, but it requires a little bit more reading, so if you seek inside knowledge, and you're dead serious about elevating your hip hop production skills, please keep reading.

BY THE WAY! Please don't get discouraged and impatient about all of the reading, this will answer all of your questions and hopefully remove any skepticism, our generation was raised on skepticism so believe me I know! Now let's continue on....


I will answer this question, with another question, What can Steven Spielberg knowledge do for you if you was a movie director? How about the mind of Hype Williams if you was a video production director? What if he was your own personal mentor, and literally held your hand and walked you through the very exact steps he took to get his goals accomplished?

How about Dr. Dre, Kayne West, DJ Quik or Jermaine Dupree? Would you not agree that there knowledge would help you substantially? I'm sure you would. This is where I come in. I have the very exact knowledge these Hip Hop Giants hold near and dear. I will show you with this exclusively made video.


All my life I've been doing my own music, Hip Hop and R&B production. I've been doing music since I was 8 years old. I always wanted a piano, couldn't afford it! I wanted piano lessons, couldn't afford it! All the things I needed to become a prolific musician, my family could not afford it. So what did I do? What was my teacher?..............Music itself. I developed an ability to listen to music production and repeat it tit for tat. I had and still hold the ability to mimic a sound so identical to it's source that it's incomprehensible. I developed this technique with the assumption that if I knew what they [The Industry] were doing, exactly what they were producing, I could understand what they were doing and I could apply my own talents from the knowledge derived from their production techniques. I was beyond determined to learn how to be great at this craft so I worked, and worked and worked very very hard at this craft. Years of blood, sweat, pain and tears. Sneeking in sessions my brain was a digital recorder, I would remember melodies for hours until I got somewhere to lay down my thoughts. How did this help me, and how will it help you? I will tell you soon and bring you to my free training video, so that you will soon understand...................................

Make your own beats and sound like a professional hip hop producer


How can this knowledge help you in the world of music production?

  • This knowledge can help you save money, save money, save money!
  • This knowledge can help you save time, save time, save time!
  • This knowledge can help you avoid pain, avoid pain, avoid pain!
  • This knowledge can help you avoid aggravation, avoid aggravation!

Along with these very valuable benefits you can also make your dreams a reality by sounding like a professional Hip Hop Producer, let me rephrase, "You will BE a professional Hip Hop Producer!

Let me tell you a true story about a friend of mine. His name is Rick. He used to beg me, over and over and over again to teach him what I know. Teach him all the things I've learned and developed over the years of my production. I was always ignoring him for 2 reasons. One was because, I was first and foremost always to busy. I was to busy to catch up on my own sleep, let alone sit down and walk him thru every little detail in my brain about music production. Aside from that of course my ego was in the way, I surely wasn't gonna make competition for myself, so forget about it. And the second thing was, I didn't think that he was serious enough to give my time to. I wasn't arrogant, I just did not want to waste valuable time on someone who would not really appreciate what they were learning. So I let it go and he stopped asking.

I ran into him months later and he told me he enrolled in a Music Production and Recording Institute. I was overwhelmed and extremely happy for him. He spent about 9 months in his courses and I wanted to learn some things he learned in school. We was gonna basically swap information. I set up an appointment to go to his house for this info swapping session. Before I came over he spent $3000.00 on a MPC3000, $2000.00 on a Roland keyboard and $3000.00 on a Triton, so I really got all excited and anxious.

So I went to his house and we drank a few beers before going into the studio. I went in the studio and asked him to make me a beat. Let me hear what he got. He cut on his equipment, cut on the MPC and started to make a beat...............He pressed stop and played it back and it sounded like a cat walked all over the drum machine while it was in record, he ask me what was wrong, why did it come out like that, I asked him why he did not cut on his metronome, and he said "Whats a metronome?" I didn't answer him, I asked him, what did he pay to go to the recording institute and he told me $3000.00 plus. I immediately felt regret, [he was a friend and I could have easily helped him to avoid a lot of pain and discouragement] I had a stone look on my face, I sat down and he asked "whats wrong?" and I just apologized to him for not helping him in his musical endeavours. I made it up to him and taught him all I could, of course I charged him for my time but it was literal crumbs compared to what he spent. [LITERALLY!]

Now think about it. He had over $8000.00 dollars worth of musical equipment [top notch] and over $3000.00 worth of education, thats over $11,000.00 worth of funds pumped into his music career and adventure. Did the education help him? Did the MPC3000 help him? Did the keyboards help? Unfortunately none of these things was of benefit to him, obviously because tender concern and care was not working to his advantage. This knowledge will help you to avoid silly things like that! Avoiding aggravation and pain and saving time energy and money is what this knowledge is all about.

[I recently asked him how he was coming along with his new found knowledge, and he told me all was well, all was good, he made his money back six times over [from the streets locally] and is currently working on a project for KOCH Records and producing his own hip hop and R&B act.]

Continue to the free video...................................................................

make your own beat with hip hop production software

Are there any immediate benefits from having this knowledge?

The answer is absolutely YES! YES! YES!

You will learn how to produce Hip Hop immediately. We'll let me be rational. These are the qualifications of becoming successful in taking in these lessons.

  • If you have a drive to learn Hip Hop and R&B Production
  • If you have the ability to follow step by step directions
  • If you are willing to save, time, energy, research and money

I'm sure you qualify with flying colors, so I set up a tutorial video for you, and this one is special. I will show you how I took an 8 year old boy, my son Torian "Babyboy" Fleming, someone with absolutely no prior experience with musical production and could care less about producing music, let alone some smooth groovin hip hop flavor and record him putting together some decent hip hop production using my formula. Of course I told him exactly what to do, but isn't this the point? Teaching you Step-By-Literal Step? In the words of Denzel Washington "Explain this to me like I'm 4 years old."

I've developed a simple system to teach you how to come up with and develope your own Hip Hop or R&B Production. By using precise step by step instruction techniques, I walk you thru every detailed aspect of producing high quality, hi profiled music production. You can use your own MPC3000, ProTools, Cubase, Fruityloops, Cakewalk or whatever you use to apply these hip hop production techniques.

See I don't concern myself with teaching you HOW TO USE EQUIPMENT, my tutorials alone will navigate and guide you around the basic understanding of various musical software, besides it takes up to much time and this knowledge holds no future value, it's like owning a MPC3000 with no beat making skills [remember RICK], I teach you something authentic, I teach you something that you're only born with. I teach people STYLE, FLAVOR AND TECHNIQUE!

These lessons teach you how to make professional Hip Hop and R&B production with flavor and swagger! Keywords "FLAVOR"& "SWAGGER" Now some of you may already know how to produce music, and if this is the case, then this might not be for you unless you want to discover new proven successful styles and techniques to add to your arsenal, but as for newbies, this could possibly be your goldmine. I'll rephrase, It Is Your Goldmine!

The session I did with my son is very quick, the music is decent, but this is nothing compared to the stlyes and flavors that I have in store for you. As you will see in this video, by using these simple methods you can produce good production in no time. But before I let you see these videos I will make you aware that the drum samples used in these tutorials is essential to the lessons. The drum samples [drum samples info on home page] along with my lessons combined will have you producing like you've been producing all your life.

To check out the video [ CLICK HERE! ]

Does this knowledge give me an advantage?

The answer to this is "Of Course" thats why you're here right? To learn the true fundamentals of Todays popular Hip Hop Production right? I'm sure you have some experience, but even if you don't, it doesn't matter right? Did you see the video I produced on my son? Your advantage will put you in front of the line, ahead of your competition! Anyone can afford a computer and software now-a-days, but not to many folks have the know how to utilize the equipment and produce that music industry sound. [remember Rick?]

You may ask yourself, how could he give away this priceless craft without creating competition. The music industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, and rapidly growing especially with the means of other revenues via the internet, ringtones etc. And with over 66 Billion people on earth, need I say more? And please forgive me for being an old believer of this phrase "There is more joy in giving than in recieving" [AS LONG AS YOU GET YOURS, I'LL GET MINE] And for the most part, this is an awareness movement for a bigger and worthy cause. But your further advantage will be that you will not have to go through the pain and suffering it takes to develope your techniques or wait years to learn or even understand the skills of a true production master, you won't have to waste money on equipment you don't necessarily need, all the hard work, pain sweat and tears has already been done so you get the free ride, so-to-speak. And best of all you have a 100% Gaurantee that your production will change overnight. 100% Gaurantee

100% GAURANTEE!!!!!


Theres another big advantage, probably the biggest advantage of all. NO WHERE ONLINE ANYWHERE can you get a professional industry producer to teach you in clear concise instructional details, about the secrets, steps techniques, thought process, and frame of mind you should be in as a Hip Hop and R&B producer. As well as make it nice, fun, funny at times and enjoyable, for an unreasonably low price, it's just unheard of. [Im very down to earth, as you'll soon see.]

Theres places online that offer music production training services and a certificate starting at $3,500.00, but they can't teach you whats in the flesh and soul of a true bonified Hip Hop and R&B Producer. Theres no setting up for failure with this knowledge, you leave with the inside out of Hip Hop & R&B music embedded in your bones, and thats gauranteed. So far more than over 5000 producers all over the world have benefited from the sessions. Just check out what a few of the folks is saying over these tutorials, these testimonials are true, and notice that they are not just saying, "Thanks". These lessons dont just teach you, but it strengthens you by reaching your heart and motivating you as well!

Here is a free tutorial for you, this is for my Fruity Loop users, but all can benefit from the session, in this lesson I take a platinum hit in recreate it in full showing the abilities of a simple and cheap audio software program, please enjoy! CLICK HERE FOR BRAND NEW FREE SESSION



These days and times most people want to harbor their knowledge. I even refer people to your site. And they want to know how I got the information I tell em to go buy it. What you asking in pennies in comparion to the tuition we spent in various music colleges...your course has fast forwarding the learning curve to  developing and mastering any style of music production the street industry way. Which has a more practical or better appeal to keep people who want to learn music production inspired to keep learning.

I can't wait to you come out with more tutorials volumes I have all 11 volumes plus the VIP monthly membership. Consider this one here one of your lifelong customers. -BG

P.S. Can you do some tutorials on other genres such as Pop music. Because allot of music requests have been that allot lately.

Hey Terrence

I've been learning from you and your tutorials since before you had your website and you were only on Ebay. I've purchased a bunch of your drum samples and I use them in all of my beats. I started producing a couple of years ago but just recently is when I've really started making a name for myself. I live in Miami and have produced songs for a bunch of local acts including up and comer "Garcia" and I've done some mixtape stuff for "Pitbull" and "Wreckonize". Anyways, I started my own company awhile ago. Its called TrickProductions. I recently re-did my whole website, I had a old one but I just made it alot better. Its only been up for about a week so the hit count is still low. The point I'm getting at is.

I just wanted to let you know that I put a link to your website on my page. I feel that you've helped me and its not much but I think other up and comers deserve a chance too. So that's my little way of thanking you for looking out for beginners. Without your tutorials it would of taken me alot longer to figure alot of things out. So hopefully my viewers and clients can become your viewers and clients. I ask for nothing in return. If for any reason you do not want a link on my site let me know and I'll take it off. 

Thanks again. And if you wanna check out my site its.....www.trickproductions.com

Let me know what you think if you get a chance. If I don't hear from you I understand you must be busy with all your new business. You deserve all the success you've gain. Thanks again.

David Alvarez

of TrickProductions

A Tee, your not gonna believe this man, we got your disk playing out the big BANGIN! speakers down here at the studio man, and loving it, you hilarious dog! It's about 13 of us in here gettin game dog! You definetly that guy for real dog, I hope you get what comes to you, and the crew says what up doe tee! hahhhhh, it's lovely dog, we got love for you down here in the boon docs man, holla back! .................................................................................Kilo [One touch Hustlaz].

Yo B! Or should I say T! First of all, I wanna say thanks, you keeps it real, I see you grindin helpin us out and I really appreciate what you doin dude. Your production is grimey and classy son, I'm feelin ya joints, they hot and for you to be willin to spread the love and game is certainly real. I don't personally need all the disc, but some of the information on your site has opened my eyes to some stlye used, that I myself could never get on my own, so that alone is on some love homie, I'm certainly feeling your joints, and I wanna get wit you, on some callabo joints, I know you mad busy but don't miss out on this oppurtunity, so holla back........................"private user"

OK Man, I was a little leery about this site, until I seen the tutorial on your son, after watching your son make a nice lil hip hop beat on his own I was convinced that this would be the site to help me in my production. I watched your free tutorials and my game changed already. I'm sold, Im sure you can get me where i need to go, keep up the good work and thanks for this site man, I'll tell it to the world!!!!! :-).............................................................................................."Choice" from IL.

A dude! Are you serious? A beat makers site dedicated to up and coming hip hop producers? I dont want to mess it up for the others, but aren't you teaching a liittle too much...lol...? What about the dues you paid homie? I'm not knocking ya hustle but I really think that this is God sent. I know you making yo bread from this site, but I feel you give us way more than what we give you homie, if this is a blessing, let it stay, you have my support for life! For life dog!.........Antonio "Tommy Guns" Lewis.


Terrence, Wassup T. Got a kind of serious question so I thougt I would come straight to a source that would help me rather than make a smart comment. I am about to start investing into my studio. I am needing some info on what I need to get besides my lil christmas list i got. I am gonna get an MPC, Mixer, and Monitors. Just got a new strong computer for softwares. What else would I need for this lil christmas list to make these 3 itmes work to the best of they ability and my ablilty? Thanks, Marcus

Well it's kinda hard for me to say, see if you have an MPC and some keyboards, then this is an analog setup, but if you had the cpu software, it's a different type of system. Some like the mpc for the feel, but if you got the good drum samples, it really dont make a difference in "my opinion", I had a MPC3000, Juno, Roland 2080 with all the sounds, triton and all that good stuff, but I sold it for the Cubase, and Sampletank Software. After I heard the quality of the instruments, I new that was all I needed, so I sold all my hardware on ebay, stuck with a very powerful CPU and stacked up on software, no hardware to worry about, no more high electric bills and the industry literally have no clue as to what I use but praise the sound and quality. Having both, in my opinion defeats the purpose. I sometimes do tutorials and make the beats, mix it down and deliver it all on my laptop, see with this setup Im extremely mobile. I will be traveling with my laptop when I do this production in NY, folks will think I'll be coming in with an MPC4000, and all these heavy keyboards, that no one likes to help me carry, lol.....but nope, just my little old powerhouse laptop, thats my drum machine, recording studio and about 7 keyboards all rapped up this this little old thing in the suitcase, now how about that for some technlogy?

But for the most part, here's a list.

Cubase Series: SX 2,3, ETC. $200.00 - $500.00

SAMPLETANK SERIES: 2.5, 3.0, ETC. $200.00 - $500.00

SONIC SYNTH AND SOUNDS: 2, ETC. $200.00 - $500.00

MOBILE PRE USB $100.00 - $200.00

CONDENSER MICROPHONE $100.00 - $500.00

NEAR FIELD MONITORS $100.00 - $300.00


SR202 DRUM eMACHINE or BATTERY Free - $200.00


And you can pretty much, or should I say literally hang with the big DAWGS!

Of course you can add or subtract, but this will get you started.

"I am overwhelmingly delighted to unlock the rich source of information contained in Hip Hop In Session interactive training. It should be included as a necessary training aid in schools that have cemented their focus on hip hop music instruction" ...................................................-Steve "The JazzMan" THE JAZZ ARTISTS NETWORK

"Aug, 14 2005" I have a friend that is a producer and I told him I'm waiting to buy my radium midi controller and he starts laughing at me, telling me man you gonna have to buy some real equipment not that software sh---t. I was like okay we'll see...I can't wait to get started to make him feel like an ---ss...LOL. But could you get back at me on those questions when you get a chance...appreciate everything.

[Tee] Hey Frankie, Have him listen to the production put together on Todays Beats. You will need a pro sound card, but you can get away with mobilepre usb http://www.digitraxx.com/ma_mobilepre.html for around $109.00 and the 49 keyboard will suit you just fine.[Tee]

"Aug 17, 2005" Thanks and better believe I told him to check out Today's Beats.COM.  He couldn't believe it...he was like naw man that can't be software he's using it sounds to clear.



Sorry for the inconvenience; It's just i've been producing hip hop/rap beats for the last two years in Asia, I stumbled across your page and the free videos you had online, and learnt in 1 hour, techniques I would have eventually figured out in 1-3 years (or techniques that were much easier than mine)! Hip hop is still very small here, I'm part of the rapidly growing movement that is bringing it out. All the 'hip hop' producers here have pop backgrounds, so they don't capture the sound right. I'm in a good position because I actually grew up in New York, so I have a better hip hop understanding and feel; but I feel I have so much more to learn on the technical side. Them videos would definitely help me out! Most producers I know are stingy with their sounds, and techniques, so it's cool what you're doing..

Thanks for everything



Mr. Fleming, I was lucky enough to stumble across a message board where a kat was screaming about your website. I immediately checked it out and tried out one of you free tutorials and was blown away with how much I learned and how easy you made it. You literally gave me more knowledge in about 5 minutes than I could have ever hoped to gain on my own. I then picked up your MPC drums supersized package and for only 28 bucks including shipping I got my hands on the dopest sounds I've ever heard. My beats have just entered the next level. My only complaint is that you don't have more sounds to offer. You've got me hooked, and I'll be setting myself up for VIP status at the end of this week to make sure I don't miss anything going on with your site. Stay up and God bless. P.S. I'm really anxious to see that FL Studio4 tutorial that you have coming soon. When is that going to hit the site??? And thanks again.................................................PortisPunch

I said I was going to take a chance on your product, I was buying it strictly for your sounds... The way I normally use sounds I purchase
is transfer them to zip and import each one individually through the zip for my Triton, this way takes hours to get one custom kit
together but it works... I went to your site and clicked on your tutorial for reason (I have the software sitting in my workstation
drawer, still in its original packaging) and I was absolutely blown away... For once I am actually as excited as I was when I found out
my Triton was on its way (after being on back order for 3 months in '01)..............................................Larry

Gotta say, what ur doin is great 2 and i (like many others im sure) appreciate it so keep up the good work.. checked out ur free reason tutorials and they r the bomb! just str8 the the point...................................................................Peace! Ed

I have to thank you for sharing all of your valuable information. My beats have been quickly improving every time I watch a tutorial. Thanks, I appreciate it. I will rep www.todaysbeats.com here in MPLS,MN.......................Smith, Benjamin J

They call me Prophet of Soul and I stumbled into your site a week ago.  I'm an emcee / dj / producer.  I've been making noise for 20+ yrs (N.Y.C., Alaska.and now Las Vegas).  I've been puttin' it down analog.  In 95' I tried switching over to the pc for recording and mixing but the technology had too many glitches back then and it steered me away.  A few weeks ago a homie in Alaska ( Kool DJ Reggie Ward, who will be subscribing if he hasn't already), started building me a pc strictly for music production.  I should have it later this week if all goes well.  I just wanna let you know that you have my full support in what you're establishing.  I will be subscribing and bringing a host of other aspiring producers to your organization because you get it!  You have your ear to the street and your sharing the info. to all that are willing to listen and learn.  Keep up the good work....................................Musically, Shawn Wilkins

Yo T, Man I understand being overwhelmed. I am the Global Messaging Application Support Analyst for the 3rd largest independent Oil & Gas Company in the World. I have over 7000 clients Worldwide that I support... so I know what it is like try to manage something like this. Keep doing what you're doing. I don't know about any of the other VIP members, but I'm staying a member no matter how long it takes to get things on the website like they should. I have what the Lord wants us all to have more of... and that is patience. I apperciate what you're doing. Keeping up the good work..............................................................Ya' Boy Verb....

Terrence, First I would like to say your talents on production is hot and speaks for itself. I just wanted to know what type of files are the Akai samples are and I plan on using them for Reason and Sound Forge. I'm a big fan of Reason and just getting started on the Sound Forge and the tutorials I seen on your site is nice in regards to Reason, but anyways keep it bangin and I hope soon I can be on that level your at one day, one other thang what other software are you using that are hott..if you don't mind me askin...but on the real...keep it bangin................................................................................................................. Jay From Da Bay ("Bay Area North Cali)

Thanks Mr. Fleming
I can't believe how much work you put into this! I admire your resourcefulness.

Yo. I  just wanted to say I really dig what yer doin. I've been producing hiphop in reason and cubase for about a year, just learning on my own but damn I wish I had your tutorials starting out.  would have saved me a lot of frustration. Your s*!t will definitely help out any new comers looking to produce hiphop with software. I found out some months ago, I could make lil jon type joints myself with reason for example > http://ryanoq.home.comcast.net/petey_pablo_freek-a-leak.mp3 It aint the same, but close enough.  I can't tell you how cool it is to see you show how to do the same.........................................................................................................."Ryan O'Quinn"

I just got word, one of your clients sold a track for $50,000, it's unbelievable! I holla back with more info later ...............................................Admin assist

Hey Tee! I really appreciate what your doing for us mane, I have grown a lot because of you, Im one of your lifers, been down since 2004, when your site was only A FEW BUCKS to join! You've come a long way and I've had the personal priviledge to see you grow and be a part of your growth mane, you're certainly doing your thing, but I do have a question brother? Im in a rural town, nothing is here for me, I'm aware that some of us students have the benefits of living in a big city and can make bread in the streets, but do you know of anyway or have any connections for us country boys to get our foot in the door?..........................................Lumpkin


Yes, Im currently working with a group of individuals to create an outlet for your growing talents, it's still underway and in construction, but it will be of help to you, sort of like a temporary service for hire "hip hop production" you will be a member of an elite hip hop production association and or team, so your patience will certainly pay off, all I ask is that you always work on perfecting your craft, and keep in mind, there are no gaurantees in this industry, your success will depend or your own perseverance, Im sure you will be equipped with the necessary talents........................................you will be updated in our newsletter.

I have a few new videos, very very beneficial and extremely enjoyable, they are full videos and if you would like to view them for free become a "Spectating V.I.P Member" by signing up below for our product newsletter and product updates. Now Im no fool and personally I hate spam, so one thing I will not do is spam you with hordes of emails, but I will every now and again inform you of my products and simply check up on you from time to time to see how you're coming along. Ok if you made it this far, then you deserve this closing and info.


"Besides your business?"

"I'm changing the life of someone on the opposite side of the globe."


I Don't know you yet! But I aready love you. Holla at cha boy!!! Peace.

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